Ohio Concealed Carry class on 8-3-22 limited to 4 attendee per class. Plus, offering for a "limited time" defensive handgun #1 with the Ccw class We believe a small private class is best. This allows you the chance to ask question while receiving the absolute best instruction for your money. Our instructors are NRA certified and Retired Law Enforcement with decades of training and real-world experience. This course meets all the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code 2923.125 (G) (1) (2) to apply for a Concealed Handgun License.

  • Date: 09/03/2022 10:00
  • Location: 6122 West National Road, Springfield, OHIO 45504 (Map)


Ticket Type
9-3-22 Ccw class and PC1. Payment due at registration.
Ticket for 9-3-22 Ohio Ccw Class and PC1.




Payment is required at the time of registration

Required Items:

  • Handgun-Semi Auto or revolver
  • 100 round of ammo for your handgun
  • Strong Side hip Holster for you handgun
  • 2 magazines for your semi auto
  • Ohio Driver’s License or Ohio State Photo ID
  • Appropriate clothing (Jacket and ball hat) for weather (Range is outdoors)

Student Receives a Binder containing:

  • Copy of the most current 2022 Ohio Attorney General Law Booklet
  • Copy of the Ohio CHL Permit Application
  • Numerous handouts
  • Upon successful completion of this course and exam, you will receive a certificate stating you successfully completed the course meeting ORC 2923.125 G 1&2

This is an action-based class that covers topics such as:

  • Safety rules and procedures
  • Handgun and components
  • Different Functions of Handguns
  • Different Ammo Manufacturers and ammunition basics components
  • Parts and functionality of Revolvers and Semi-auto pistols
  • Shooting fundamentals (grip, stance, sight and trigger management)
  • Safety and Cleaning practices of Revolvers and Semi Auto Handguns
  • Holster techniques on a live fire range
  • Body's natural reactions to a threat
  • Firing accurately - without relying on your gun's sight
  • Maintaining proper situational awareness
  • Speed loading drills
  • Safe storage
  • 2 Hour Instruction and Q-A Ohio Attorney General "Concealed Carry Law Booklet"
  • Much, Much More