Ohio CCW / CHL Class

If you want to carry a legal firearm concealed in the state of Ohio, you will need this required 8 hour class. The class consists of 6 hours of interaction classroom and then two hours of Range training. We believe one on one training is the best way for students to learn, ask questions, and address any weakness in shooting they may have, plus enhance your firearm education when completing this class no matter what level of firearms experience you have and applying for your Ohio CHL permit. This course meets all the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code to obtain a Concealed Handgun License in Ohio.

  • Category: Ohio CCW / CHL Class
  • Duration: 08:00 Hours
  • Address: 6122 West National Road, Springfield, OH, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Clark County Ohio

Price:$80.00 $70.00



Students must be 21 years of Age 

Each Student will receive a binder containing:

  • Electronic copy of Ohio Attorney General Law Booklet
  • Electronic Copy of Ohio CHL Permit Application
  • Numerous other handouts
  • Upon successful completion of this course and exam, you will receive a certificate stating that you successfully completed the course

Student will learn the following the classroom:

  • Safety rules and procedures
  • How to load and unload revolvers & Semi Auto Handguns with dummy ammunition
  • Parts and functionality of Revolvers and Semi-auto Handguns
  • Ammunition malfunctions and how to clear them
  • Basic components of ammunition
  • Handgun Calibers and effects
  • Proper shooting technique to increase accuracy and overall shooting ability
  • Shooting fundamentals (grip, stance, sight picture, breath control and trigger management)
  • Cleaning practices of Revolvers and Semi Auto Handguns
  • Safe storage
  • 2 Hours Instruction and Q-A Ohio Attorney General Concealed Carry Law
  • Much More…….

Students will put their classroom experience to use on the range “ALONG SIDE YOUR INSTRUCTOR AT ALL TIMES.”

  1. Practice alongside your instructor
  2. Practice accuracy drills
  3. Practice Loading and Unloading drills
  4. Practice Grip, stance, sight picture, breath control and trigger management Drills
  5. Progressing into a Qualification course

Required Items to bring for class:

  • Ohio Driver’s License or Ohio State Photo ID.
  • Handgun or handgun and can be rented for the class.
  • Ammunition for your handgun 100 rounds or purchased for rental handgun.
  • Hearing Protection and safety classes will be provided.

Registration & Payment steps:

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  2. Calendar will then drop down.
  3. Click on "BOOK NOW".
  4. Complete registration & Payment steps.